Research Experience for Teachers (RET)


Research Experience for Teachers

Expeditions in Computing RET is a year-long program that focuses on health technologies.



40 Hrs

Research hours per week

6 weeks

Supported professional development at Rice University

About Us

From Research Labs to K12 Classrooms

RET includes a 6-week internship for Greater Houston Area teachers in a Rice University research laboratory to reinforce the understanding and appreciation of science as a process and a week-long workshop for students. Participants observe and actively work in research while developing inquiry-based lesson plans that apply to Expeditions and Rice research, using media and other strategies to bring the laboratory experience to students. Expeditions in Computing are open to mathematics and computer science of all grade levels. Participants are matched to a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher mentor who can help guide their research.


Trigonometric Functions in My Heart: Modeling PPG Pulses with Basic Trigonometric Functions

Miguel R Ramirez is a Math teacher at Galena Park High School and a participant of the 2018-2019 RET program. Taking his research experience at Rice with pulse oximetry and PPG signal back to his students, Ramirez developed a hands-on course plan on trigonometry. The activity he designed piques students’ interest by demonstrating how trigonometric functions could be applied to analyze heart rate and evaluate other cardiovascular functions. His course plan has recently been published at the peer-reviewed digital library TeachEngineering.


Resources for Teachers


A 1-day orientation on engineering design, lesson development-based research, laboratory safety training, and digital media training; Leadership seminars

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Working with assigned graduate student/ postdoctoral researcher mentors in a research laboratory; Round robin tours of teacher internship laboratories

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The Engineering Research Symposium for Teachers, where participants will present their research; The Computing for Health workshop for students, which participants will create & lead

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Visualize Your Heart Lesson

In the summer of 2018, I was lucky enough to be selected by the Rice University Office of STEM Engagement (RSTEM) to participate in a research experience for teachers in the Scalable Health Labs group which is part of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I settled on a project comparing digital signals from 2 different wearable health devices. The course plan is published in the peer-reviewed TeachEngineering digital library. 

— Jimmy Newland, Bellaire High School (Houston ISD)


Apply to be part of RET!

Teachers of all grade levels and subjects are welcome to apply, but mathematics and computer science teachers will receive priority consideration. Once final candidates have been selected, all other interviewed applicants may be placed on a wait list.